Lecture Halls

Details of  Infrastructure.
Well ventilated, adequate in number and spacious lecture halls with     modern teaching aids.



Nursing Fundamental Lab
To provide comprehensive Nursing care to the clients admitted in the hospitals, students will be given preliminary training in patient care at the college laboratory. This lab is organized to learn basic and critical Nursing care with the help of manikins, simulators, models & modules (variety of adult & pediatric). The lab helps to develop the life from absolutely realistic revolutionary Nursing skills through “hands on training” under continuous supervision & guidance by expert teaching faculties


Community Health Lab
The lab is equipped with variety of Audio Visual Aids to practice health teaching in the community such as advanced models of health care system, simulation equipment, models, charts family set up to practice family & community health care. This lab ensures the students to learn home visiting bag technique & practice the Community Health Nursing while providing family health care at the door step of the clients using modified home visiting kits.


Anatomy & Physiology Lab
Well-equipped Anatomy and Physiology labs are available to reinforce the theory knowledge about Human anatomy & Physiology with the help of adequate articulated skeletal, various bones, models, specimens, slides and charts


Nutrition Lab
This lab is designed to assist the student Nurse to acquire wide range of knowledge of dietetics in Indian settings & to understand the concepts of “Nutrition, Health & Disease” while planning the diet for individuals and groups in the hospital and in the community. The Nutrition laboratory is well-equipped with all modern amenities for preparing therapeutic for the patients.


 Obs and Gyn (Maternal and Child health Nursing) Lab
This lab is designed to help the learner to reinforce the learning about normal physiology of Pregnancy, Midwifery, and Obstetrics & Child Health Nursing. The lab is equipped with various manikins, models, palpation modules, birthing simulators & charts to develop hands on skills under the continuous guidance& supervision.


Computer Lab 
Satyam  College of Nursing  computer lab is well ventilated and equipped with 10 computers available for training and practice purpose. This lab will be used by the students to practice the application of computers in the field of Nursing.


AV Aid Lab
The lab is equipped with various electronic devices for the effective Teaching & Learning such as LCD projectors, Over Head projectors, T.V, V.C.R, C.D Player, Tape recorder etc.


 Satyam College of Nursing Library and Learning resource center is an invaluable resource for students and faculties of Nursing Education. It has the most complete collection of text & reference books, professional journal and Magazines. It is a most lively place in the college providing a comfortable and readers friendly environment that enables learning and advancement of knowledge and promotes scholarship. It is supported by highly skilled and trained library and information Professionals.


Features of library:  Adequate text books and Journals (Indian AND Foreign)  .Audio/Video Cassettes,     Multimedia CDsIn-house photo copying, copying on pen drive and CDs.Computer Lab setup with Internet Facility for students




(iii)   Affiliation alongwith certificate(s) of affiliation.

(a)Affiliated to HP University Shimla and Recognised   by Indian Nursing Council in  2014

(iv)   Details of  Internship and placement.

(a)  Clinical training is being given at ZH   Dharamshala, Panchsheel Nursing Home and Fortis     Hospital Kangra(Himachal Health Care)

(v)  Fees with complete breakup and details.


(vi)  Extra curricular activities with complete details.



World Mental Health Day is a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy. It was first celebrated in 1992 at the initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health, a global mental health organization with members and contacts in more than 150 countries. This day, each October thousands of supporters come to celebrate this annual awareness program to bring attention to Mental Illness and its major effects on peoples’ life worldwide. Shimla nursing college also celebrated the World mental health day on 10th October 2014, various activities were carried among that main event was symposium on the theme “living with Schizophrenia” presented by the students of 2nd year and1st year B.Sc nursing.




World Diabetes Day is the primary global awareness campaign of the diabetes mellitus world and is held on November 14 of each year. It was introduced in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization in response to the alarming rise of diabetes around the world. World Diabetes Day is a campaign that features a new theme chosen by the International Diabetes Federation each year to address issues facing the global diabetes community. On this occasion Shimla nursing college had celebrated world diabetes day by categorizing the students in four different groups and competition was held to prepare an best diabetic diet, at the end the winning group was rewarded with the trophy.

Satyam  College of Nursing   Lanjot  celeberated children day as swachh bharat abhiyaan (  Clean India) at Rait with the theme-” let us fulfill Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of clean India”.
. All faculty and students  participated in this Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.

WORLD AIDS DAY 1st December 2015

World AIDS Day was first conceived in August 1987 by James W.AIDS has killed more than 25 million people between 1981 and 2007, and an estimated 33.2 million people worldwide live with HIV as of 2007, 170, 000 HIV/AIDS related deaths happened by 2009 making it one of the most destructive epidemics in recorded history. World AIDS Day, observed on 1 December every year, is dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection. Our college students performed skit on AIDS in Durgela Panchayat   and  also give awareness regarding AIDS.


Nurses  DAY  12  May 2016

International Nurses Day (IND) is celebrated every year all around the world on 12th of May to commemorate he birth anniversary of the Florence Nightingale and to mark the nurses contributions towards people’s health. Nurses Day was first proposed by the Dorothy Sutherland (an officer from the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare) in the year 1953 and first proclaimed by the President Dwight D. Eisenhower. And it was first celebrated by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) in the year 1965. In the month of January in 1974, the 12th of May was declared to be celebrated as the birthday anniversary of the founder of modern nursing, the Florence Nightingale. Nursing Students with faculty  and  Staff  of Satyam College of Nursing Celebrates Nurses Day .

(vii)  PTA-with address and telephone numbers of  its


Coming Soon……….

(viii)   Transport facilities with details.

(a) Presently Transport facilities are being provided on hired basis for students and fare is born by the       College.


(ix)   Age of the institute and its achievements (if any).

Satyam College of Nursing established in 2014.


(x)  Availability of scholarships with complete details.

(a) Presently no scholarship is granted


  1. xi) List of alumni(s) alongwith complete addresses and telephone numbers.

(a)   Presently Nil as no batch of Nursing students passed out from the College