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Code of Conduct

Dress Code

Satyam college of Nursing students wear a specially designed uniform as approved by Satyam College of Nursing.

Rules and Regulations of the Institute

  • All the students are required to be regular and punctual and are not allowed to miss classes without genuine reasons and without prior permission from the Class Teacher and the Principal.
  • Students are expected to observe strict discipline and quietness in the college premises.
  • Each student is responsible to pay all the fees and other dues in time, failing which fine shall have to be paid.
  • Any amount once paid to the college/Managementt shall not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • If any student, after admission, leaves the College/Course under any circumstances he/she shall pay the college fees for the remaining period of the course (Whole course).
  • Text Books, Uniform, Medical check up, Examination Fee, Transportation, Water and Electricity etc. would be charged separately.
  • Annual leave is granted by the college according to the H.P. University and H.P. State Nursing Council rules.
  • Institute does not have any kind of responsibility towards any student outside the college and hostel premises.
  • Rough handling of college properties and furniture is strictly forbidden and would be penalized.
  • Mobile phones and other personal items such as walkmans or cameras are not allowed in the classrooms and clinical areas.
  • No students shall practice ragging in any form, within or outside the premises of educational institution. If found guilty of ragging will be punished according to guidelines of State & Central Government.
  • The Principal / Chairman reserve the right to change the Time Table at any time.
  • In all matters the decision of the Principal and Chairman will be final.
  •  All disputes arising with respect to the affairs of the College/Management shall be within the jurisdiction of Dharamshala Courts.


Hostel Facilities are provided for  B. Sc. (N)  students. The students are provided with well ventilated rooms with required furniture. Adequate number of lavatories and bathrooms are available for use of students. The management lays special emphasis on the cleanliness and hygiene of Hostel. A separate warden and round the clock security is provided.
The management provides recreational facilities like Television, Newspapers, Magazines, Indoor, Outdoor Games, Telephone, First Aid Kit and Doctor on call. Laundry facility is also available at the Hostel on payment basis.
Students are provided with Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Tea and Dinner. Care is taken to serve hygienic food and maintain cleanliness in the kitchen and Dining Hall.

Rules and Regulations of the Hostel

  1. Perfect silence is to be maintained in the Hostel premises. Every student of the Hostel should have the civic responsibility that she should not be a cause of nuisance, annoyance or disturbance to others.
  2. The Hostellers shall not waste food, electricity & water. Wastage of food, electricity & water is a national loss. If anyone found indulging in such wastage would be penalised.
  3. Smoking, consumption of alcohol, use of drugs, narcotics, gambling and even possession of such things is prohibited in the Hostel buildings. Anyone found violating the above will be asked to vacate the Hostel and also rusticated from the college.
  4. Possession of any lethal weapons or any instrument, which is likely to cause physical harm to others, is strictly prohibited.
  5. When leaving the rooms for attending classes or for vacation, etc., fans, electrical gadgets, lights etc., should be switched off. Glass windows are to be closed securely.
  6. Students are not allowed to stay in the Hostel during the class hours unless the stay is unavoidable due to illness or any other valid reason. In such cases they should take the permission of the Warden and communicate the information to the Principal in writing.
  7. Hostellers coming to the Hostel after the gate closing hours without prior permission or without valid reason would be fined. Regular late comers will not be allowed to stay in the Hostel.
  8. Wrong entry, improper, lack of entry in exit register, signing on behalf of another person, tampering with the entries, proxy attendance and misguidance of any nature are punishable. In case of any quarrel between room mates it should be reported to the Warden and Principal for appropriate action.
  9. All the students of the Hostel should take their food in the mess only and should strictly adhere to meal timings.
  10. Rough handling of dining hall furniture, room furniture or any furniture / property or fittings of the Hostel is strictly forbidden and would be penalised.
  11. Ragging in any form is strictly forbidden. If anyone is found guilty of ragging she will be expelled and also liable for prosecution.
  1. Parents and Relatives should visit the student on Sundays or Holidays in Visitor’s Room. Parents and Relatives are not permitted inside the rooms.
  2. Attested photographs by the guardian of 4 relatives who can visit the student in the Hostel should be submitted to the warden.
  3. Principal and Director are fully authorized to change the Rules and Regulations of the Hostel at any time without prior notice.
  4. Hostel fatalities are provided for h B.Sc. (N)  students. students are provided with well ventilated rooms with required furniture. Adequqate NUMBER OFatached LAVORATORIES AND BATHROOMS ARE AVAILABLE.
  5. The Managements Lays Special Emphasis on the Cleanliness and hygiene Of Hostels . A Separate Warden And Round the Clock Security Is Provided. The managements provides recreational facilities like television, newspaper, magazine indoor and outdoor games. Other facilities telephone first aids kit and doctor on call. Laundry facilities on payment facilities.
  6. Students are provided with break fast ,lunch, evening tea, snacks and dinner. Management ensure hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen and dinning hall. Clinical training at renowned hospitals and government community health centers